Raw Vegan Lavender “Cheesecake”


Lavender is so amazing. Not only is it extremely aromatic and is great for adding a pleasant smell to you home, but it also has some amazing health benefits, and it tastes great too. Powerful flower.

We were pleasantly surprised when we tried this cake. It was so good! Everyone who tried it loved it as well. Even Lilja’s dad, who hates bananas really enjoyed this Lavender and Cherry “Cheesecake.” Finally he can enjoy bananas with us.


This recipe is inspired by Fully Raw Kristina. She even has a video up on her YouTube channel if you want to see her make it. She has inspired us to be more raw and organic on our vegan journey.


She uses fresh lavender in her cake, but we didn’t have that on hand so we used lavender essential oil and it worked out wonderfully. Feel free to experiment and do what suits you best. Either way, this cake is delicious, and good lookin’ too, don’t you think? 🙂


Raw Vegan Lavender “Cheesecake” inspired by FullyRaw Kristina

Crunchy Mulberry LOVE Crust:
2 cups pitted juicy dates
1-2 cups dried white mulberries
cinnamon to taste (optional)

Place the crust ingredients into a food processor and pulse until you reach a cookie like consistency. Spread the crust evenly onto a Springform pan or use a Just a Slice Silicon Cake Pan if possible. (I always use a silicon cake form since it is so much easier to remove the cakes from it). Set aside while making your creamy banana layer.

Creamy Banana Layer:
4 large frozen speckled bananas
1 lavender drop (I used the lavender essentail oil from Forever Living Products)

Cut your bananas into smaller bite size pieces and place into your food processor. Blend until smooth and creamy adding in the lavender drops as your food processor is running. Spread on top of the crust and place into your freezer while you make the cherry lavender layer.

Light Cherry Lavender Layer:
2 ripe frozen speckled bananas
1 fresh speckled banana
1/2 cup ripe cherries (feel free to use frozen if you can´t find fresh, just remember to thaw them beforehand)
1 lavender drop (I used the lavender essentail oil from Forever Living Products)

There is no need to wash your food processor after you make the banana layer!
Cut your bananas into bite size pieces and blend in your food processor along with all your other ingredients for this Light Cherry Lavender Layer and blend until creamy. Spread over your Creamy Banana Layer and freeze while you make your Cherry Date Glaze.

Cherry Date Glaze:
1-2 cups of fresh ripe cherries (feel free to use frozen if you can´t find fresh, just remember to thaw then beforehand)
1 cup pitted juicy dates

Blend the cherries and dates in your blender or food processor until smooth and spread over your Light Cherry Lavender Layer. Freeze for about 2 hours before serving.

This cake can stay in your freezer for up to 3 months. Just place your leftovers in the freezer and enjoy with some friends and family. Or eat it all by yourself. Yum.

Note: The cake thaws very quickly  so place your cake back into the freezer when you have had a slice or two.



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