How to Make a Satisfying Raw Vegan Dinner


You only eat raw foods?

Wow, you must have to be like, eating all the time? Aren’t you always hungry?

These are questions I get a lot when I tell people that I eat raw.

Nope, I’m not hungry all the time, and no I don’t like spending all my day just eating. I generally eat two to three large meals throughout the day, and yes they consist mostly of fresh fruit and veggies.



Most people look at fruits and veggies as condiments, rather than the ‘food’ itself, but making a whole meal out of them is not only very very healthy, but also it can be very satisfying. I have learnt so much about making good and satisfying meals out of simple ingredients like fresh fruit and veggies after I started this lifestyle, and now I find it easy to make me satisfied and to feel full after a salad or a big bowl of fruit.

But of course, I eat a lot more than before. I mean, this whole salad bowl is a regular dinner for me.
…and I love it. haha.

So, yes, that is one part of making me feel full on a raw vegan diet: to eat a lot!

Like A LOT!


There are a few more things that I like to keep in mind when I make my salads so they, first of all, taste good, and so they satisfy me.

IMG_6627 IMG_6629

So here you have my guide to making a good dinner salad (that will actually make you full!), and a recipe for this delicious salad with a creamy dressing I made tonight:

First you need to choose a base for your salad. That means lots and lots of leafy greens or noodles. I love using zucchini noodles as my base when I’m very very hungry and need something a bit more filling. Zucchini is heavier than leafy greens and they are a bit higher in sugar so they are more filling. Plus they make the most perfect noodles! Other alternatives can be:
Spring mix, green leaf lettuce, cucumber noodles, romaine lettuce, kale, spinach or arugula.

In this salad I put 3/4 of a zucchini and mixed in two handfuls of arugula and half a head of green leaf lettuce.



For my part, the toppings are almost the most important part.
(Note: Almost. The most important is coming later. Just wait.)

I like choosing around 3-5 different toppings. It needs to have variety of textures, but still it can’t be too complicated (and, who can be bothered chopping up a million different kinds of veggies?) Simple is the best!

I like to always have in my salad something sweet, something crunchy, something juicy and something creamy. Salads are so much about texture and colour, so go crazy and try different combinations!

The sky is the limit here! I remember when I was little and salad literally meant lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers cut up. Now I rarely eat the same salad more than once! Pick your favourite fruits and veggies and see how it goes!

In this salad I put 1/2 a mango (sweet, juicy), 3/4 of a red bell pepper (crunchy), 1/2 small head of broccoli (crunchy), 1/2 cup peas (sweet, crunchy) and one small avocado (creamy).



Here we have the most important part! I LOVE making good salad dressings. They often make the most boring salads the best ever! If you have a good dressing, the other stuff doesn’t even matter that much! But still, they matter. Haha.

Here are some of my favourite simple salad dressings combos:

Tahini, lemon and coriander: My go-to dressing. This rocks. Believe me.
Tahini, lime, cumin: My other go-to dressing. Rocks as much.
Mango-tomato: When you got good mangos and tomatoes, I could eat this and only this.
Mashed avocado with chopped tomatoes and lemon: Good ol’ guac. Never goes wrong.
Simply blended mango: Mangos are the best.

Then every now and then I go fancy and make a bit more complicated dressings in the blender. Here’s the recipe for this reeeally creamy and delicious dressing I made tonight:

1/2 mango
1/4 red bell pepper
1/4 zucchini, peeled
4 pieces sun dried tomatoes
2 tbsp green onions
1-2 tsp tahini

Blend everything together in a blender until smooth. Add water to your desired consistency.

IMG_6633 IMG_6631


Sprinkles make everything so much more fun!

Herbs kick every salad up a notch, so I really recommend choosing one or two types of your favourite herbs to use in your salad. Or sprinkle it with something crunchy like seeds or nuts! Here I sprinkled some green onions on top of my salad and squeezed a lime wedge over it.

So, now you can go and make a salad! Enjoy!


I hope you liked this post!

– Erna Vala


8 thoughts on “How to Make a Satisfying Raw Vegan Dinner

  1. Hi,
    I have been thinking about turning to a vegan lifestyle for health reasons and the animal and enviromental reasons. How did you inform and provide your parents with the right information so they could understand you a bit better. Did you show them certain websites etc?

    Lots of love


    1. Hi, thank you for asking! I am always trying to make them more and more informed about the lifestyle so gradually they will accept it more. I watched Cowspiracy with my mom and that made her open her eyes a bit more to how the meat industry isn’t all what it seems. Then I’m just always trying to gradually tell them stuff about health benefits from being plant based, and I’m also planning to watch Earthlings with them ;).
      I think they are becoming more and more okay with it and realizing more and more with time, and with me being a lot healthier this way, that this is really what works and what I want to do 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! The things you wrote are very helpful and I will start searching for some good documentaries to show them. Personally I loved forks over knives! Thank you so much for your reply and have a nice weekend!


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