Hydration for Better Health

IMG_6495 - Version 2

I think most people agree that it is important to stay hydrated and drink enough water.

I think fewer people actually do that though. IMG_6492 - Version 2IMG_6490

As we all know staying hydrated makes us feel so much better, it gives us glowing skin, and better digestion. I have always found it difficult to drink enough water and could go through whole days without even thinking about drinking water. 

 I’m always trying to find new ways for me to remember to drink more and wanting to drink more, because I know that it makes me feel much much better. I have taken bottles with me to school and I also keep a glass in my closet in school, but somehow that never works and I still end up with a full water bottle and a thirsty body in the end of the day. IMG_6444 IMG_6451

What I do find that works for me though is making fruit infused water. It makes it more interesting, it always tastes different depending on the fruit and veg combinations I make, and it’s fun to nibble on the fruit while I’m drinking.

I love waking up and starting my day with a huge glass of fruity water while I do something relaxing to start my day, like stretching and yoga, or taking some pictures for you to look at on instagram ;). 

 These are my favourite combinations and fruit to use in water. You can of course use any fruit you like and mix and match all of these ingredients, but these are what I have been having the past few days. IMG_6455

Blueberry, apple and lemon: I love the colour of this one! Blueberries make the water slightly purple and they give it a hint of sweetness that I love. I put 1/2 cup of blueberries, one slice of lemon and three slices of apple in 1/2 l of water. IMG_6462

Bell pepper, apple and lemon: This one tastes very very refreshing. I know it may seem odd to put bell pepper in water, but it’s really good. Especially if you like red bell pepper like I do. I put 1/3 of a red bell pepper, three apple slices and one lemon slice in 1 l of water in this one. IMG_6485

Cucumber, lemon, ginger and cilantro: This is probably the most fresh tasting one of these four. I love it. The ingredients are also very detoxing and flushing for your body so it’s perfect to start the day with.  I love cilantro and I would put it in everything, but I think mint would also be great with this. I put four cucumber slices, three lemon slices, two ginger slices and a few sprigs of fresh cilantro in 750 ml glass of water.

IMG_6466 IMG_6469

Raspberry, lemon and ginger: This one is my favourite and I make it all the time. It’s like my go-to fruity water. I put a handful of raspberries, half a lemon and two slices of ginger.

 Other fruits that I love putting in my water are limes, oranges, tangerines, strawberries, blackberries and all kinds of herbs. Make your own favourite combos! 

 Another very good way to stay hydrated is to eat a lot of high water fruits like watermelons and other melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges and other citrus fruits. I always feel the best when I start my day with some sweet and juicy fruit or a big big glass of fruity water.

What’s your favourite way of starting the day? IMG_6495IMG_6492


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