Gingerizer | Raw Vegan Green Juice Recipe

I love having a big glass of fresh, cold, sweet and crisp juice for breakfast. Especially when I mix something green with fruit because then it gives me the energy from the fruit, and I am getting some nutritious greens in early in the morning.

It is something about starting your day with hydration, it just makes all the difference. Like when I eat a whole watermelon for breakfast I always feel amazing throughout the day. Maybe I should start doing that every day, to either start with a green juice or a watermelon.

I think this is a perfect recipe to post now! To balance out all the chocolatey recipes everyone is posting. And I think it’s what everyone needs, just to revitalize during all that Easter Crazyness. Iceland is really the queen when it comes to eating a lot of chocolate during Easter. EVERYTHING is chocolate, and everyone eats huge amounts of chocolate, so a green juice is something you should make tomorrow morning. To prepare for the chocolate on Sunday.

This juice hit the spot this morning when I woke up. I was craving something sweet but still savoury, and I knew that I had some celery lying in my fridge waiting to be used. I know celery isn’t the most popular veggie around, but it’s nevertheless very very very good for you. It’s very hydrating and it’s packed with minerals. When paired with something sweet like apples in a juice, it makes it taste like it is somewhat salty and savoury, and it will beat all your cravings for some unhealthy salty snacks. I promise you, this juice won’t taste like celery at all! And you can of course use less if you want the juice to be a bit sweeter :).

I just finished the last sip of my juice as I write this. And I’m definitely making this again sometime soon.

And yeah, I like naming my juices super awkward nerdy names. Deal with it. Gingerizer hah.

Here’s the recipe. Make it. Feel good.


6 small apples

6 stalks celery

1 thumb ginger

2 lemons

Cut all your ingredients in smaller pieces and run through your juicer. Strain your juice with a fine strainer to get it super crisp and pulp free. It makes it much much better, but isn’t necessary if you can’t be bothered and don’t want that extra cleanup 🙂

If you don’t have a juicer, you can just blend it all up in a blender and strain it! Or throw in some bananas instead of some of the apples and make a super-celery-smoothie!

Have a great and happy Easter everyone!

PS These pics were taken with my iPhone. So the quality is reaally bad, I’m sorry. My camera has been dead for the last couple of months, I’ll have to do something about that, soon! :O


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