Taste Fox – Raw Vegan Ice Cream


WARNING! This will make your taste buds go crazy!


We started our weekend with this amazingly creamy, crunchy, smooth perfection of an ice cream….yum! The chocolate sauce was a killer, you have to try it out on your ice cream this weekend. For us, the durian was the BEST part of this rawsome dessert. We have been dreaming of durian since the Woodstock Fruit Festival. Banana ice cream never goes wrong, as always, banana ice cream is our love.


In Iceland it is very popular to go to the ice cream store and get a “taste fox”, yes…that’s what we call it. Or, in Icelandic, BragĂ°arefur. It’s simply a soft serve ice cream blended with a bunch of candy, fruit and sauces of your choice. We used to love it before, but since we are vegan now and love our fruits we decided to make this beautiful dessert the raw vegan way.


If you haven’t tried durian before, you will have to go and try it out. It will be different from everything you have ever tasted before. We don’t have fresh durian in Iceland, so we bought it frozen in an asian store. Durian makes a perfect ice cream when blended frozen, it’s super creamy and sweet, but if you are not familiar with the taste, you will probably have to get used to the smell first. It is very smelly and some people would say it smells like onions, but nevertheless it’s very sweet and fruity.

If you don’t have or don’t like durian, you can of course make this with banana ice cream only, or whatever ice cream that you love!


IMG_5003 IMG_5007

IMG_5007 IMG_5008

Raw Vegan Taste Fox (serves 2 hungry girls):

Durian Ice Cream, you will only need one obvious ingredient:
1 pack of frozen durian (2 pods)

Start by thawing your durian for about 20 minutes or more. Then process the durian in your food processor or high speed blender until smooth and put in your jar if using one like we did.

Carob Banana Ice Cream:
4 frozen bananas
2 tsp of carob powder

Simply process bananas and carob powder until smooth in your high speed blender or food processor and set aside.

The Chocolate Dressing (the best we have ever tried) We blended in the blender these ingredients:

4 medjool dates or more
2-3 dried figs
1 tbsp of carob powder
1/2 cup of water or coconut water

To layer in between your Ice creams cut these fruits into small slices or pieces:
2 kiwis
1 fresh mango
5 fresh strawberries

When you have all your ingredients ready, start layering it in a jar or a bowl to make a nice presentation. We put durian ice cream in the bottom, then some fruit, then banana ice cream, and topped it off with more fruit and ice cream. Or you can just throw it all in, mix and devour! Either way, have fun and enjoy it!


Have a great weekend everyone!

much love,
Joyful Fruitlovers

PS: please pray for the snow to go away in Iceland



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