The Green Dream


Why is it good to juice your food?

Juicing takes all the pulp out of the vegetables and fruits and makes them very easy to digest. All the nutrients will go very quickly into your system and get the benefits right away.


Juicing gives your digestive system a break and it’s a great way to get more greens and vegetables in your diet. You can throw a bunch of greens in your juicer with some fruit, and you’ll be taking in a lot more than you would ever have if you hadn’t juiced them. Just look at all these greens!

We juiced all of these and drank them in one sitting together. How awesome is that?

IMG_6334 - Version 2


Also juices are just delicious. Fresh juices are sooo much better than those old ones in the cartons that you buy in the store. They can’t even be compared, they are so different. They are most often from concentrate and who knows where that concentrate is from? We recommend making all your juices yourselves, or buy only fresh juices.


To make the green dream, that you have to make, because it’s that good, you’ll need these ingredients: (And feel free to adjust the amounts! We drink a lot!)

7 apples
1 bunch kale
10 stalks celery
2 lemons
2 large cucumbers
4 cm ginger

Simply put everything through your juicer and drink it all and remember to enjoy this amazing liquid of love. If you don’t have a juicer, you can blend it in your blender and strain through a nut milk bag, or a pantyhose.





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