Breakfast on Christmas Morning (my favorite breakfast!)

IMG_2467 I could eat this every morning for the rest of my life!
I absolutely love it, it’s crunchy, sweet, sour, soft and I feel so energized after eating this beautiful breakfast bowl.


If you need a quick fix on Christmas morning than you’re in for a treat! This breakfast bowl will brighten up the day for anyone who enjoys fresh and healthy food options! I’ve made so many versions of this breakfast bowl through the years of becoming a Raw Vegan and I think this is the best one!

 IMG_2498 IMG_2493 For this breakfast bowl you will need:

2-3 small organic red apples
1-2 medium organic pears
3 or more pitted medjool dates
2 ripe and frozen bananas
1-2 fresh and ripe banana
Handful of mulberries or more
1/3 cup of water (coconut water if possible)
Pinch of cinnamon for garnish

Simply cut the apples and pears into small cubes (feel free to peal the fruit if you don´t want to eat the skin). Mix together in a breakfast bowl. Cut your dates into smaller pieces and add them to your breakfast bowl along with your mulberries. In a high speed blender blend your frozen bananas and one fresh banana with your water. Pour the banana milk over your breakfast bowl and garnish with cinnamon.
Spread some holiday love over your bowl and serve!

IMG_2509 IMG_2514  IMG_2503 IMG_2512   IMG_2511

This recipe is only for 1 person or maybe 2 if your not hungry so feel free to double or triple this recipe if you want to share with your family and friends this holiday season!

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for your view and have a wonderful Christmas this year!


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