Thanksgiving Turkey + Ways to Eat More Raw Fruit and Veggies

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Iceland, but we still wanted to do something festive and post something for Thanksgiving, because this holiday is kinda cool, and most of our readers celebrate Thanksgiving.
This season is all about harvesting and the fruit and vegetables available now are sooo delicious, colourful and vibrant and we wanted to celebrate that and to take a moment to give thanks for all the great things life gives to us.
So, we decided to create something awesome together and show our gratitute for all the different varieties of plants the earth gives.

We are going to be sharing two thanksgiving inspired recipes with you in the next couple of days that we created together. The first one being this faaabulous LIVING turkey inspired by Mommy on the MoneyIMG_3010

So, instead of killing a bird, like the tradition is, we decided to make a living turkey out of vegetables and enjoy it with a delicious and creamy tahini dipping sauce. Everyone in my family greatly enjoyed it with us!


A decorative veggie platter is a great way to incorporate more raw veggies in your diet. Bring a big plate of pre-cut veggies, arranged nicely with a yummy dip, and everyone will like it. And they are so much fun to make! It’s also a great thing to do with your kids! Especially if you make them look like something, like a turkey! There are tons of pictures on the internet of different ideas for holiday inspired platters.


See how cute he is!

For this pretty little lover you will need:

1 large head of red cabbage
6-7 carrots
1 large parsnip
1 small zucchini
1 head of lettuce
1 head of curly kale
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
1 cucumber
A few flax seeds for the eyes

Start by cutting into your cabbage head, making a space for your zucchini to fall securely in place, forming the neck and head of the bird. Then make a long cut on the other end of the cabbage head, where your tail is going to be. The feathers are going to go in there. Place your cabbage on a large round plate.

Peel your zucchini and cut the end off. Place it in the space you made for it in your cabbage, securing it with toothpicks. You’ve got your bird! Now it just needs a tail and a face.


For the tail we used parsnips and carrots. Cut them in thin strips and place them in the cabbage. You can make the ends of the strips thinner using a peeler, so it fits better. We secured them with toothpicks so it would hold better together.
For the turkey’s face we used an end of a carrot, a red pepper slice and some flax seeds. We just cut small holes into the zucchini and placed the seeds in there. The nose was secured with toothpicks.

Now you can just go ahead and decorate the turkey’s nest with your favourite veggies! We used kale, lettuce, bell peppers, carrots and cucumbers.




This is our favourite dipping sauce. It’s delicious and creamy and is just perfect for dipping veggies in!

For this tahini dip you will need:

4-5 tbsp tahini (give or take, making it as thick as you like)
Juice from 2 clementines
Handful of chopped coriander
Water to thin it out if needed

Simply mix all your ingredients together in a bowl and it’s ready! Can’t get simpler than that!

IMG_3027     IMG_3029IMG_3035

We had so much fun making this and eating this! We hope you like it as much as we did.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and stay tuned for our delicious Thanksgiving dessert!

-Erna Vala and Lilja Líf


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