Persimmons & Bananas

Guess what! It´s persimmon season. Now I can buy persimmons in Iceland imported from China and Japan. I´m so happy! If you haven´t tried this fruit then you are in for a treat. Next time you see this fruit at the store make sure to get one, you won´t regret it.

I recommend eating the fruit just by itself the first time you try it. Make sure your persimmon is super soft the first time you try it. You might think it´s rotten but do not trow it away. It´s ready and most importantly, it´s ripe! Your taste buds will explode with joy if your a sweet tooth like me.


The persimmons I buy are always very hard and unripe. I usually wait for about a week for them to get ripe in a large fruit bowl on the counter in the kitchen. It´s totally worth waiting for just be patient.
This persimmon was perfectly ripe in my opinion. I didn´t need a knife because it was so soft and easy to take apart and enjoy.


For some reason I love to have bananas and persimmons together. Sometimes I make banana and persimmon ice cream from frozen bananas and fresh or frozen persimmons.

IMG_1715 IMG_1713
This bowl contains about two frozen bananas and one fresh banana blended with a little bit of water in the blender. I garnished it with some cinnamon. If you know me very well then that should not surprise you at all. I LOVE cinnamon!


IMG_1723 IMG_1721
What is your favorite way to eat persimmons?
Do you like to make a persimmon pie, ice cream, sauce or simply eating them as a mono meal?
Please share your thought down below in the comment section. It would be great to get some inspiration and ideas from YOU! If you haven´t tried a persimmon before then I highly recommend it They are only in season once every year, so enjoy them while you can.

Keep Calm & Eat a PERSIMMON,
Lilja Líf


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