Easy Packed Lunch


I love how quick I can be making food on this lifestyle. It can take less then five minutes for me to make myself lunch and take it with me to school. Just throw a few pieces of fruit in a blender, pour it in a big glass jar and it’s ready! How easy is that? And it is also so convenient, like if I’m having a very busy day it’s perfect, because I can drink it fast and pack in a lot of energy, or I can just be sipping on it throughout the day.


Smoothies are also easy on your digestion, so yay for a happy stomach! I find that my digestion tends to be worse when I’m travelling or not at home and smoothies are really good for taking with you, so, perfect travel food! 🙂

This is a very simple smoothie I made just before I hopped on my bike, almost late for school. Actually I was almost late just because I took some time for taking the pictures. Here I used some bananas, strawberries and mint. I love strawberries and mint together! It makes the best fresh combo, and it’s great because I find that the mint keeps the smoothie fresh longer.


What’s your favourite smoothie? Do you take smoothies with you? I think it’s one of my favourite ways to take food with me when I’m on the go. It’s packed with energy, it’s hydrating, it’s nutritious and healthy and they make me happy because they taste good. 🙂
They are also so versatile! There are literally endless options when making smoothies! I’m always trying something new and I never have the same favourite smoothie.



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