My Favourite Juice


This is my absolute favourite juice. This is my go to juice when I want to have a juice,  and it is very simple. Maybe that’s what makes it so good? Simple is best! I love oranges and orange juice is like heaven in a glass, really! If you have never tried juicing your own oranges you are really missing out! Fresh OJ is like a million times better than the crap you buy from the stores, as goes with all juices, fresh just always wins! And see how beautiful it looks! Colour explosion!

I was searching my fridge earlier today for something to eat, and realised that we had like four bags of organic carrots! So I made this. Best decision ever.


The colours indicate what your body is going to get out of the food, and carrots are FULL of beta-carotene, which turns into Vitamin A. You will also get loads of Vitamin C from the citrus, and they are very detoxifying, so the juice helps your body to get rid of toxins and flushes the bad stuff out. So it’s good! Now go make this delicious liquid of love! 😉


This juice only has three ingredients! I always just add as much as I want, you can add more oranges if you want more sweetness, more carrots if you want less.

Carrots (I had like 700g)

Oranges (three for me)

Lemons (two and a half)

Start juicing the carrots, then the citrus. You can strain your juice afterwards if you want it super smooth and crisp, I don’t do it because I don’t really mind small pieces of pulp in my juice.
Don’t throw away the carrot pulp! You can do awesome stuff with it, like bread, if you are into that kind of stuff, or an awesome raw carrot cake! I’m going to make a carrot cake.. So stay tuned! 😉


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