Fall Harvest Salad


We love this season, when Icelandic vegetables are in abundance and beautiful and colourful fall fruit veggies are in season. We created this delicious fall salad together on a beautiful fall evening. It is getting colder outside and darker so it is perfect to sit with a big warming salad, full of fall flavours, fresh vegetables, and wild Icelandic crowberries.


This salad has everything! In every bite you will find something crunchy, sweet, soft, creamy, and sour. The herbs give it a hearty flavour and pomegranate and crowberries give beautiful colours and fall feeling. Apples and pears are perfect fruits in salads because they are sweet and they give good texture.


For this salad you will need:

1/2 head of cauliflower
1 red bell pepper
4 leaves of kale
Half a cucumber
4 small apples
2 medium pears
1 small super ripe and soft red beet
1 pomegranate
Handful of crowberries
Handful of cherry tomatoes
1 lemon
Handful each of parsley and dill
Handful of raisins and chopped dates (dried cranberries would be perfect too)
Handful of chopped sun-dried tomatoes

Dice you cauliflower, bell pepperm cucumber, apples, pears and beet. Finely shred your kale, chop the parsley and dill and sun-dried tomatoes. Add everything but the beet to a large mixing bowl along with your diced cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, raisins, dates, crowberries and a deseeded pomegranate. Carefully mix everything together and add the diced beet at last.


When we ate the salad our mouths were filled with so many delicious flavours that paired together so beautifully, it was the best salad we ever had. It was such a perfect combo of flavours and textures, fresh herbs, sweetness and tartness in every bite. There was no need for a dressing for this salad. It is just perfect as it is.



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