Green Morning Juice


I know green juices don’t sound very yummy, they ‘taste too healthy’, and they look very much like liquid grass. But they can be so so delicious! And they are also very good for you!
When I made this juice for my dad he said: Yum, this tastes like something you would buy from a store! And when my dad says he likes something green, it must be good! He doesn’t generally like vegetables. So I think you are going to like this even though you’re a person that doesn’t like to eat a lot of greens. And it makes you feel so great! I love starting my mornings with a big jar of green juice, knowing how good I will feel after.


Green juices are packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and other nutrients and, because the fiber has been taken out, you body will absorb those nutrients a lot faster. It´s great to start your day with a juice, when your stomach is empty and all those delicious vitamins and nutrients can go straight into your system. It will keep your body hydrated, give you an instant energy boost, nutrition boost and it will make you glow!


So how to make a good green juice? I always put something sweet and I like to add apples because they are juicy and they pair well with greens and vegetables. Here I also added carrots and they have some sweetness too. Cucumbers and celery are very good for adding bulk to the juice because they have a lot of water. Lemons and ginger are great for detoxing the body and they add some spice and tartness. Then you can add as much greens as you like! The more the merrier!


4 apples

7-9 small carrots

3 large stalks celery

1 1/2 cucumber

1-2 lemons

3 cm knob of ginger

3 leaves of kale

Simply throw everything in your juicer and enjoy every sip!



3 thoughts on “Green Morning Juice

  1. I’ve been having a smoothie every morning, and they consist of very similar fruits and veggies. I was wondering, what would you say the different benefits are from juicing vs. smoothies? I’ve been toying with the idea of juicing again, but have been told that I would lose a lot of the nutrients that I keep in a smoothie. Thanks!


    1. There are benefits both to juicing and blending. Blending allows you to get all the fiber and releases the sugar and nutrients slower to your body. Fiber is very good and keeps your digestion flowing, but juicing takes the fiber out, which can be good sometimes because your body gets all the nutrients much faster. We like juicing every now and then but we use the blender every day. Hope this information helped you! Have a great day!


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