2014 Woodstock Fruit Festival

We just came home from New York with our dear friend Eva and we went to the biggest raw vegan festival in the world: The Woodstock Fruit Festival! It is a place where hundreds of vegans, raw foodist, and people that are interested in veganism, meet and eat good food, exercise, go to lectures and have a good time together. We want to share with you our experience at the festival, some pictures from the festival, so you will maybe feel inspired to go there or at least check it out at www.woodstockfruitfestival.com!

Here is a picture of us eating the king of the fruit for the first time: DURIAN! And it was so so good!!


The festival was located at a beautiful place, at Camp Walden, next to a big lake and a mountain in the middle of a forrest. It was a perfect place to be, being surrounded with nature, amazing people, and delicious food. There were a lot of activities, like kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming, mud bathing with mud from the dead sea, jumping on a trampoline in the lake, there was a high rope challenge with a zip line and a big swing, we could have a massage whenever we wanted, there were exercise classes and yoga sessions, dance classes, lectures, bike tours, hikes, food prep classes, durian parties, bonfire every night and dance parties and a lot more! So we were always doing something and it was so much fun, but the most memorable was all the people we met. We met so many new people and made so many good friends that we will never forget and everyone was so amazing and inspiring! It was so good to meet new, like-minded people, that are thriving on a raw, vegan diet. It is so inspiring.

This picture was taken on the last night when we were saying goodbye to everyone, it was so hard!


The food was soo good! We got all the food we wanted! There were amazing melons and orange juice every morning, followed by fresh young coconuts, yuuum! There was a 24 hour fruit buffet with awesome fruit, delicious organic kiwis, dates, bananas, lychees, longans, plums and there was always a lunchtime special like dragon fruits, banana ice cream, apple streudel and more. Then they always had awesome feasts in the evening! There was a mexican taco feast, raw veggie burgers, mediterranean night, and more awesomeness! Then we tried durian for the first time! It was so good, and so different from anything else! It tastes like ice cream! Or something delicious!




We are so excited to go again next year because we had such a great time with all these amazing people there. The people were so inspiring, they were all so happy, good looking, fit, healthy, smiling, kind, accepting and loving… and the list goes on. It was so different to meet people that think like us, who understand us, and look at life with positive and open minds, understand how important health is and see how a plant-based lifestyle can benefit in so many ways.

After the festival we feel more determined in being fully raw after meeting all the people and seeing all the pioneers. We learned a lot about being raw in a cold climate and we also have more general information on how to thrive on this lifestyle.
If you want more informations or if you have any questions or opinions feel free to post in the comments below and we will answer, or you can email us at 2joyfulfruitlovers@gmail.com with anything you like.

Erna Vala and Lilja Líf



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