Liebster Award!


Wer’re so glad to announce that we were nominated to the Liebster award! Thank you so much Olivia from Eat to Inspire, your blog is very unique and beautiful! We like your recipes very much and you inspire us.

The Liebster Blog Award is actually not an award, but rather a good way to build community, connect with other bloggers and generate attention for newer bloggers. Here are the rules:

▪   Acknowledge the nominating blogger
▪   Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you
▪   List some bloggers with fewer than 200 followers that you really feel deserve a little blogging love!
▪   Let all of the bloggers know you have nominated them. You cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you!
▪   Post 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated to answer

11 Questions for us:

1. What has been the highlight of your day today?
Baking and eating a low fat vegan pizza and sweet potato fries that we made and booking our hotel room in NYC for for this summer!

2. As a child, what was your favourite food?
Well Erna really didn´t really like food and was very dainty while Lilja loved to eat everything that was considered food. Erna´s favourite food was mangoes (yes I was a fruitlover since birth haha) and Lilja´s favourite food was everything with peanut butter.

3. What is your favourite food now?
We love vegan pizza with all kinds of colourful and fun toppings. We also love the flavour of fresh, ripe and sweet mangos and all fruits on earth.

4. Where do you next want to travel to and why?
Thailand or New Zealand…because of the fruit and sun! We can’t decide!

5. What book are you currently reading?
Lilja loves self helping books and is finishing the last chapter of Keys to Positive Thinking by Michael J.Ritt, JR and Erna is reading piano music, as always.

6. What did you have for breakfast today?
We bought a 7 kg watermelon, split it between us and ate it all. YUM!!

7. Describe your perfect day to me.
Today is a perfect day! Every day is a perfect day!

8. What would you like to achieve this year?
We would like beat our records and be able to run 30 km this summer.

9. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
We would be chimpanzees, they eat fruit and they are adorable and smart beings.

10. If you could time travel, what advice would you give to your younger self?
Just do it!

11. What do you love the most about yourself?
We love how positive and determine we are! We don´t let people slow us down or kill our dreams.

Blogs we nominate:

Vegan Oddity
Astrix Whitesand
Simple Health Simple Life
Thrive – Live Well
Plant Based Blake
The Fountain of Fruit

11 questions for the nominees:

  1. What is your favourite song?
  2. What is the most memorable birthday you remember, how was it?
  3. What are you having for dinner tomorrow?
  4. What´s the biggest challenge you have had to overcome?
  5. What did you eat today?
  6. What’s the most memorable memory from your childhood?
  7. What countries have you visited?
  8. What is your favourite fruit, and why?
  9. What do you want to do right now?
  10. If money didn’t matter, what would you do?
  11. Why did you start this amazing blog?

This was a lot of fun and we are excited to see the answers to our questions!

Have a great day!
Erna Vala and Lilja Líf


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