The Sweet and Easy Pear Cake!

Here is a great recipe for anyone and everyone who wants to have FUN in the kitchen and explore with there taste buds. You can use this recipe as a dessert or even just as a snack because it´s so quick to make! Have fun and don´t be afraid to experiment with any other fruit you desire. Have a joyful fruity day everyone!


2 pears or apples, cut into thin and long/wide slices

1 banana, cut into medium slices

1/2 cup or more of medjool dates, or date paste*

1/2 cup or more of dried mulberries

about 1 tbsp of ground cinnamon (optional)

  1. Prepare all your ingredients: Cut banana and pears, make date paste or use your super soft and yummy dates.
  2. Arrange your fruit on a serving plate. First layer: one big slice of pear, then dates and bananas on top. Second layer: Medium slice of pear, ten dates and mulberries. Third and final layer: Small slice of pear, then a banana or/and date slice on top with some mulberries.


  3. Feel free to garnish with cinnamon.
  4. Dig in!

*date paste: simply blend dates in your blender with a little bit of water if needed until you get a sticky date paste.





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